"Giving form to the formless"

Veteran Owned and Operated

My Focus

Form Following Function

I make each piece with its use in mind. From choosing the steel, heat treat method, finish, and edge geometry, to the handle material and the ergonomics of the piece as a whole. This combat chef knife is a perfect example of this in practice.

Attention to Detail

The human eye is attracted to symmetry. Symmetry is partially related to form following function, but is often overlooked by careless makers in areas that go unnoticed with uneducated buyers. I strive to educate you, the buyer, in my process every step of the way through pictoral updates, as well as achieve the best fit and finish I am capable of. 

I also refuse to send out a piece that does not meet my own harsh standards that I expect from other makers, so rest assured that you will only receive my best and not something good enough. 

Quality vs Economy

Im a huge believer in using only the highest quality materials, but this doesn't always mean the most expensive. There are a lot of expensive and exotic materials that I have used on some high dollar projects, and believe or not, their function was the same quality as the less extravagant versions of those same knives. So be sure to discuss your intended purpose of the blade you want and we can either make it as fancy or as simple as your wallet is comfortable with.


A great friend of mine and 14 year SOF veteran decided to move on to a new chapter in his life. We wanted to get him a going away gift that would not only represent the high regard we felt for our friend, but also last a lifetime of use and abuse. I got the opportunity to hold one of Ourboros Forge’s Huginn blades and was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship and design. After then seeing Ourboros’s “Eitrskegg” axe, we decided to entrust him with creating the farewell gift for our longtime friend. Being new to hand forged weapons , Ourboros was extremely accommodating and transparent when it came to selecting materials, explaining prices, and articulating the meticulous process of hand-forging and -crafting the battle axe we had chosen. The level of skill and detail that goes in to each of Ourboros’s products is astounding and the completion of the axe far-exceeded anything we could ever have expected. Savage and elegant at the same time. Our friend was speechless when we presented him the gift. There will definitely be more orders from me in the future. Thanks Ourboros for facilitating such an epic send off for our friend. 



Bradley Hudson

The product coming out of Ouroboros Forge is top of the line and worth ever penny. I've had the honor of working with Tim from before and seeing his high level of dedication to any task put before him. That same level of dedication is put into every blade he works on. He maintained constant and clear communication, and made sure he gave me the exact kind of knife I wanted. He exceeded expectations. I've got one blade from him that I will use for many years and Im certain I'll come back for another. 

Tom Ramsay

The blade he forged exceeds anything I could have ever imagined. The attention to detail, passion, and professionalism is what stands out to me. I was taken on a journey of the making of the knife with pictures and updates, which made it pretty awesome. The knife will be with me daily and get used, and then get passed down to my son. Thank you for taking so much pride in what you do.

Trey Fagan

The determination that I saw Meleski have to become a Raider after years of hard work is now seen again in his craftsmanship of being a bladesmith and producing true masterpieces. I am proud to own a blade from this bladesmith.

Nathan B.

I've known Tim for some time, he's always been an upstanding guy and a solid operator, pouring himself into whatever he does. When I discovered his new gig was forging blades, I knew I had to cop one and did so immediately. When my blade arrived It came as no surprise that it was everything I had expected and more. The quality of my Raven is superb, extremely sharp and has held its edge better than most of my knives despite the heavy use. The detail in the handle is indescribably beautiful, the wood grain is absolutely stunning and fits my hand perfectly. Its a perfect blend of aesthetics and function, I couldn't be more happy!

Ryan Pass

I got my knife in Dec of 2019 and got it to use on trips to the BWCA.  When put through it’s paces in the woods (cutting branches from fallen trees, clearing brush, carving wood, shaving kindling) it kept up with my work and flew through wood that sometimes seemed ambitious for the knife’s size. The hamon on this blade makes chopping branches or carving a much more forgiving experience. When I got home to sharpen the blade it was still razor sharp and there were no chips or blunting from the chopping I was doing. When I bought it, Tim explained the materials and methods he used and overall design of the knife. He told me he was also making sheath for it and that he could put a design on if I wanted. The addition of the personalized sheath really has made this blade feel like it was made to be with me. I can’t emphasize enough how generous Tim of Oursboro Forge has been to me both with his time and with his knowledge of the craft.  I will continue to buy knives from him in the future and I highly recommend his work to anyone who needs a serious piece of steel that looks professional and is backed up by flawless performance in the field. 

Paul Senechalle

Origin of the Sniper Hog Spear