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These are my midtech knives that I designed to be used in tactical/edc settings. These knives are not forged like my custom pieces, which allows for me to sell them at an affordable price. Midtech knives are knives that you outsource a process/processes to another company. In this case I work with New Jersey Steel Baron who waterjets these as knife blanks for me. I then go through all the regular knife making processes I would for any other knife I make. 


Question: Is a forged knife better in any way than a material reduced or in this case a midtech knife?

Answer: The simple answer is no. The more detailed answer is: There are rumors that flow around about something called edge impaction with forged pieces. This supposedly increases edge strength and edge retention. However, this is a myth and there are no metallurgical benifit to having a forged piece rather than a material reduced one. 

Another rumor, this one being in favor of material reduced blades, states that forged pieces are less superior because you lose carbon content with every heat. This is technically true, but the amount of carbon lost is so minuscule that it would not negatively effect the use of the blade. 

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